16th March 2011

Teeth on the mend.
On fine days have been working in the garden – base is now ready for the greenhouse.
Have been producing materials for a maths project over the last week or so.
Eoin from Maths Week Ireland visited earlier this week to help finish the “Cultivating collaboration and creativity” booklet. More details of this will follow shortly.
Went to the Tate Britain last week to see the watercolour exhibition. It was excellent but the audience were nearly all women of a similar age – probably all going to art classes!
Tried drawing with charcoal at art this week (go to the watercolour page to see this week’s products” ).

Oh! Keep forgetting to mention running. For part of my birthday present last year R bought me some running assessment lessons with Gary (who is wonderful). I had to start from scratch. 30 seconds on a treadmill nearly killed me. Progress has been slow but I am persevering. Today in the gym I ran for five lots of 6 minutes. I am aiming to be able to do five lots of 10 minutes with shorter recovery times in between each run. I will keep the blog updated on my progress. I think Gary would be pleased – I must go and see him again soon.


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