18th April 2011

R was here with James and Asha at the weekend. I attempted to cook a nice meal for Asha as I had not seen her for ages. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. New to my repertoire:

  • profiteroles
  • dover sole bonne femme

R bought with her the Times with an extract from Paula Radcliffe’s “How to run” book, including “How to run 5k My 8 week plan” . So today I started at week 2 because the 5k run I am aiming for (the Tooting Trot) is on the 5th June. The big thing for me was summoning up the courage to run on the road. I just about made the 5×5 minutes with 1minute break week two, Monday, requirement. When I came home I checked the total distance in the car (2.3 miles) so I used the “Map my run” website to find a 3.3 mile (5 k) circuit based on what I did today, which I will base future training runs/walks on. The trouble is that I run too slow for Paula Radcliffe to imagine! Will post progress here.


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