AV further thoughts

R made a good case for AV over the weekend. Two key points:

  1. It is a step on the way to an improved system even if not perfect
  2. It means that everyone’s vote is counted within the the whole of the system I will try to explain this point as I believe it is key to the argument.
    • Currently, if you vote for a candidate who comes 5th (say), your vote is lost and you have no further say in the election. As a result anyone elected is far removed from you and your preferences.
    • By transferring a voter’s choices it means that they have a say in the final choice of person elected. When you get to the last two candidates, everyone who expresses a choice has their vote counted. One person = one vote.
    • If you were to take into account a candidates second/third/fourth choices then this would be equivalent to more than one person one vote.

    I think these points are well made and I am clearer about why “yes” is an option.


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