Memory Lane

Today B and I went for “an adventure” along the Essex coast.  The coastal foray started at St Osyth (a small village not quite on the coast).  From there we popped down to St Osyth Beach (full of caravans) then back and along the coast to Jaywick, Clacton, Holland on Sea, Frinton (where we had lunch), Walton on the Naze and finally Dovercourt (a name I remember but am not sure whether we ever stayed there) then Harwich (where we turned for home).  I went on holiday with my family when I was very young to the town of St Osyth one year and Jaywick another.  I think we may have stayed at Walton on the Naze but I am less certain of this. 

When R was young we took her to Walton and, on the pier, she went on a Waltzer with B.  He was so terrified as the man spun them around, he asked them to stop.  She should never have been allowed on and we didn’t realise what a terrible experience it would be. It seemed very dangerous.  Jaywick was very run down and I have no recollection of a sea wall separating the houses from the beach.  I learned to ride a bike at Jaywick.  I also have no recollection of going to the sea when we stayed at St Osyth in an old cottage.  If we did, we probably went to Clacton. I think it was in the days of the “Mods and Rockers” riots and I have a vague memory of a riot taking place in Clacton when we were staying at St Osyth. However, I have just checked on line for a rough date and it says 1964. I was definitely younger than this would have made me, so my memory must be wrong. There is still an old priory at St Osyth, which I remember. In fact I bought an etching of the priory for my mum some years ago as a present. I think that was a happy holiday from the little I remember and the town is still quite pleasant.

The old beacons/ lighthouses at Walton and Harwich  are impressive.

Next time we go on a coastal wandering, we will start at Felixstowe and work north along the Suffolk coast.

A rough map:
st Osyth - Google Maps


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