The Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross

This Armenian Church was nearing the completion of its restoration when we visited.  At the time, it did not have the cross which now adorns the tower.  The picture is a composite of three main views with some additional features.  I found the whole arrangement a challenge and was hoping to include more examples of the beautiful reliefs to be found around the church but they did not seem to sit comfortably within the final composition.  Originally the three views had their own perspective and lighting depending on their actual positions on the cathedral.  However, having shown the original idea to a few people, they struggled with what appeared to be contradicting perspectives and lighting so I have made them both as consistent as possible.  My only concern about this is that the composite nature of the image is slightly lost because everything seems consistent and “true”.

Cathedral of the Holy CrossOil on wood

Signed: J S Foulser

Approximately 35cm by 55cm

Not for sale

Approx 40cm x 30 cm. Not for sale.

Oil on Canvas 2014

Oil on Canvas

Another Place I
Approx 30cm x 40cm. £350

Oil on Canvas Board, July 2013

Oil on Canvas Board, July 2013

Water Tower II, Everton
Approx 35cm x 45 cm. £600

Water Tower II, Everton Oil on Canvas Board

Marget Street Water Tower, Everton
Oil on Canvas Board

A second version and larger than the first.

Everton Water Tower
Approx 20cm x 28cm. £250
Oil on paper 28 by 20 cm approx
Everton water Tower

Equilibrium II.
Approx 40cm x 60cm. £500

Oil on canvas – Sept 27th 2012


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