Columns of the Karakas – Turkey
Approx 18cm x 27cm. £150.

Karakas columns - Turkey

Watercolour on paper 2012

Everton Library
Approx 22cm x 31cm. Not for sale.

Everton Librabry

Watercolour on paper 2012

approx 22cm x 30cm. £50

Experimental Watercolour – using Watercolour like oils 2012

Equilibrium I
Approx 35cm x 45cm. £200

Equilibrium 1
June 2012

Double Arched Bridge on the Leeds Liverpool canal
Approx 25cm x 30cm. £150

Double-arched bridge on the Leeds- liverpool Canal

Watercolour on paper 2012

Keys on a pink ribbon
Approx 15cm x 19cm. £40

Keys and Pink Ribbon, water colour Oct 2012

Other water colours

Preparing for the first fell run
Approx 30cm x 40cm. Not for sale.

Preparing for the first fell run. Water colour study Oct 2012

Back garden – Keble Street
Approx 25cm x 20 cm. Not for SALE

Back Garden Keble Street
April 2012

PT’s birthday card

April 2012

Easter cards

The beech in early Spring morning sunshine

Feb 2012

Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion

Brighton Pavilion

Still life
Tried to create something relaxed and not too fussy.
Pumpkin, marrow and squash

R’s shed 10-2011
Garden shed

August 2011
Started these Sweet Peas yesterday evening and finished them today. I grew them from seed in my greenhouse. I love sweet peas yet these are the first I have ever grown. They are trying to climb the trellis work along the edge of the vegetable plot.
Water colour of sweet peas

3rd August 2011
Birthday card for Brigitte

Seascapes for some greetings cards

27th July 2011
View of Skye from near Applecross in Scotland. Nearly gave up on this and could do with working on the foreground more but I think I am ready to move on.

June 2011
Yacht off the West Scottish Coast near Torridon.

April 2011
New version of crocuses for R and Easter cards.

Daffodils for Easter cards

Another attempt at a landscape with trees. Used a book for ideas


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